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Yoga Back Therapy

Yoga is highly recommended for its many benefits for physical and mental well-being. If for each of us yoga helps to become aware of oneself, correct bad postures and better manage stress, therapeutic yoga is based on individual practice to help relieve the ailments caused by a specific pathology. 

Therapeutic yoga: acting against back pain.


Health is defined as a state of complete physical and mental well-being. It is by using the techniques of yoga that yogatherapy helps to reconnect with his body, his sensations, his feelings, in order to be able to act on them. Do not reject or fight against pain or blockage, but on the contrary to observe it, to welcome it, to appropriate it, and to let it spread, thanks to the breath, to the postures. Recognized for its ability to strengthen muscles, but above all for helping to become aware of oneself and of one's body, therapeutic yoga develops positive thoughts and general well-being. 


Yogatherapy is made to accompany you towards a better state of health. Regarding back pain, Yoga therapy is useful since it acts on many levels: 


Physical: structuring of the spine, strengthening, stretching and relaxation of the belly. 


Respiratory: it helps to free the muscles along the spine and to amplify the place of the diaphragm in the breaths, which frees the stomach and readjusts the postures. 


Therapeutic yoga is practiced for the prevention or treatment of a pathology, in addition to conventional medical treatment. Through breathing exercises, postures, relaxation or even meditation, I will guide you to relieve your back pain. 


Yogatherapy does not require any pre-requisites in yoga. Anyone can benefit from it. The sessions are individual so that I can guide you on the yoga postures and the breathing and meditation exercises best suited to your back problem. You can take advantage of weekly yoga sessions to benefit from a regular practice and reap all the benefits of yoga.


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